Thursday, July 22, 2010


A six-month-old captive European Cuttlefish

The cuttlefish is an ambush predator and a master of disguise. Its skin is covered with special cells called chromatophores, iridophores and leucophores that reflect light in many different colours enabling the cuttlefish to blend into its background almost perfectly. Some say it's like a chameleon but it is far superior in its ability to change colour and even the texture of its skin!

cuttlefish camouflaged...

Here, a cuttlefish lurking on the seafloor.

here's a cuttlefish on ocean floor

If you can’t see the cuttlefish in the photo BELOW, then it’s doing a GOOD JOB

A giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama), photographed off the south Australian coast, retires to the ocean floor at night, employing complex camouflage strategies to blend in with the sand and hide from predators

Disruptive body patterning by a young cuttlefish on a rocky
substratum. Notice the strongly expressed ‘White square’ chromatic
component on the mantle of the animal that resembles other randomly
scattered white rocks amidst the substratum.

the best one...



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